Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do You Have A Five Year Plan? I Don't.

On their first date, my friend Tina’s now boyfriend asked her a big question:

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Much to her credit, she told him the truth, that she plans to be a mother, regardless of whether she is married.

“I knew I might scare him off,” Tina told me, “but I figured it would come out eventually anyway. If that was going to scare him, may as well scare him now!”

Very good point.

Anyway, this has had me thinking about My Five Year Plan. (More specifically, that said plan does not exist.)

Not being married certainly changed my perspective on the future. When I was with Max, it wasn’t My Five Year Plan, it was Our Five Year Plan. I thought that would include parenthood and getting dragged into a house (I’m so an apartment kind of person) and... ummm... I don't know. We'd do married stuff, like grow old together and talk about the good old days when we rented movies from Blockbuster and no one had a phone on the dinner table.

So much for Our Five Year Plan.

But now, I’m 35, unmarried, and living a pretty comfortable existence.

I have a stable job that I like. I own an apartment that I love. I love the town I live in; it’s the kind of place that allows for families and singles to coexist. I have solid, fulfilling relationships with my friends and family. I’m Putting Myself Out There. (I actually met two cool guys last week!)

Given the overall healthy place I’m in now, what should I be hoping and working for by the time I’m 40 in 2020?

Do I want to relocate?
Do I want to change careers?

Sitting here right now, my resounding answer is… eh, not really!

Honestly, I’m happy with how my life is today, therefore I think I would be happy if my life doesn’t change much. (Though, I would love to find love again.)

Based on the information I have right now, 

my Five Year Plan is for 2020
to not look at that different from 2015.

But, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Am I living a blessed, charmed life? Or am I not pushing myself hard enough? 

Do you have a Five Year Plan? What does your plan look like?


  1. Ah, the five year plan...yes, a decade ago mine would have probably been to get a mortgage and start a family(already being married)....but now, mine would simply be, to be even better at living in the moment, appreciating life and being a good mum.

  2. Plans are good to make when we require a goal to encourage us to move forward. However, life tends to throw us curve balls! In five years I see myself newly single, living on a freelance writing income, publishing more books and traveling a lot. Let's see - come back in five years!

  3. I've given up on five year plans. I think it is good to have a goal and to work towards something, but I've found that you can make as many plans as you like, sometimes life just gets in the way.

  4. Paula Reed NancarrowMarch 5, 2015 at 1:13 PM

    If you want to hear God laugh... tell Her your plans. ;-)

  5. Ain't that the truth!

  6. Five years is a long way into the future, don't you think? I'm better at the moment and shorter-term choices.

  7. Very true of our best laid plans.

  8. I went through a divorce and it was a difficult process. Praying for you, sister! I am your neighbor at Friendship Friday linkup.

  9. Divorce was the hardest and best decision I have made.

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