Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kat is a Homeowner!

Ahhhh, love my view!
Just 11 months ago, I sold the condo I lived in with my ex-husband, divided our belongings, hired two different moving trucks going in two different directions, and then moved into almost 900 square feet of unapologetically unshared living space.

Since then, I’ve worked to recalibrate my financial priorities and goals. We all have that magic number that we like seeing as the balance in our checking accounts; now I was one person with one income paying rent that was a little more than half of what I’d previously paid for my mortgage.

Articles about stuff divorced people need to think about all pointed in the same direction: do whatever necessary to be financially stable. Reevaluate my goals and dreams.

Goals? Dreams? Umm, what? 
Time for more post-divorce decisions?!

When I was married, I assumed we’d eventually want a house because married people want houses and do yardwork and other boring crap like that. I assumed we’d want some babies to go in our fictional house, and babies need karate lessons and summer camp and college savings accounts. I assumed we’d eventually want some big ass car to tote around our fictional son and daughter. Lots of stuff to save for when you’re married and going to do married people crap!

But, now I was single. I had absolutely no clue what a 33-year-old single woman should be saving for. I am a pretty risk-averse person, so I knew that actively growing savings accounts would bring me much peace and confidence.

I needed some goals and dreams that would be completely mine. 
What did I really want?

I really tried to think about what I wanted.
A hot car? Not even remotely interested.
A trip to Fiji? Eh, sounds really far.
Some designer shoes and handbags? I’m way too practical.
A condo to call my own? After my moderately traumatizing experience of trying for months to sell my condo with Max, that sounded awful, but probably the most realistic.

I actively continued my “Downpayment” savings account (as well as other conspicuously named accounts). Half of the money from selling my engagement ring went straight into this account. Every week, a set amount of cash went directly into that account every week for “someday.”

Well, my friends, “someday” came sooner than I had wanted or expected. The opportunity presented itself to buy my beloved apartment, quite possibly my favorite place I’ve lived since leaving the bubble also known as college. I love my town, I love my many friends in my neighborhood as well as the proximity to my family, I love my in-unit washer and dryer, I love my garage. Did I mention I have a walk-in closet? Yeah, this is the place to shell out disgusting amounts of money. This is the place to throw down my roots and embrace my new life.

As of July 25, 2014, less than a year after I sold my condo with my ex-husband, I signed my (maiden) name a million times. I agreed to pay the bank hundreds of thousands of dollars by 2044. 

This divorced woman bought a home. On. Her. Own. Rock on!

What was a huge post-divorce accomplishment for you?

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  1. Right now just getting through each day. I am starting a small group for women like me that have been thrown away. My goal is to have a faith based group for support and advice and hopefully a bit of fun too:-)

    Thanks for your post & I am so excited about your new home!


  2. Congrats on your new home! Enjoy it!

  3. Congrats! Now go forth and paint something since its all yours and no longer a rental! I have to wait a few years in order to purchase a new place, but since I've got the time I'm saving for my own townhome. :-)

  4. You go girl! Good job taking care of your future!
    My huge accomplishment has been letting go of my anger at my Ex for trying to take my son away from me.

  5. Natalie the SingingfoolJuly 31, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    Way to go! Congrats! We just bought a house (my first, spouse's second), and it definitely inspires pride in me. :)

  6. It's a big freaking deal, you should feel proud!

  7. Thanks Mike!
    Letting go of anger is no easy feat, but it sure feels amazing. Good for you.

  8. Painting it the first item on my To Do list. :) Keep saving, you'll get there!

  9. That sounds like a great idea. I hope your group inspires a lot of strength and courage to move on. Thanks for reading!

  10. I'm visiting from Inspire Me Monday. It's nice to meet you this morning. I can't not imagine the difficulties and struggles you had to go through, but I am amazed to hear of success stories. I hope for you the very best, as you continue to rebuild your life on your own.

  11. Thanks so much for your kind words, Cathy!

  12. How did I miss this???? Yay! Congrats! Popping a virtual bottle of champagne and toasting in your honour.

  13. Thank you so much! Very exciting. :) Next up -- picking paint colors!