Wednesday, November 26, 2014

7 Reasons Why I'm Grateful for My Broken Kneecap

It’s been 43 days since I broke my kneecap.

My knee is bigger than my quad!
43 days since I have shaved or properly bathed my left leg.
43 days since I slept on my side or stomach.
43 days since I wore a skirt or dress or high heels or pants with a zipper.
43 days since I drove a car or carried a bag of groceries or climbed on my kitchen counter to reach a mixing bowl.

Going from being a single and very independent woman to needing help with everything – in the beginning, my mom had to dress me – has been hard on my pride and my self image. I have watched my strong legs turn pale and soft. I miss exercise so much that I have literally dreamed about it and started crying just talking about running with my physical therapist.

But, as I do start to see progress, thanks to time and physical therapy, I have started to gain some clarity.

Not unlike with my divorce, going through something challenging and shitty reminds me of just how many blessings I have.

My broken kneecap has made me pause and be grateful because:

  1. I am close with my parents, both emotionally and geographically. I would have been absolutely lost without my parents. I stayed with them for 24 days when I needed help with, well, EVERYTHING. Thankfully we have a good relationship, my parents are in good health, and they only live an hour away from me.
  2. I have built up a wonderful group of friends where I live. After almost 12 years in the Ford area, I have the kinds of friends who cart me to physical therapy and book club and the local bar; help me change my bed sheets; bring me apple cider and Fireball; take out my recycling; make me dinner; and stop at the grocery store to buy me Silk Light Soymilk.
    Love, love, love my friends!
  3. I have great coworkers. My team made me feel missed and important through my weeks of working from home. They even sent me a thoughtful gift basket with wine (because, duh, I’m me); fruit (because they knew I would want to be super careful about my eating); and a little chocolate (because I freaking deserved it).
  4. I have extended relationships from friendly acquaintance to actual friendship. When I returned to Ford, I found myself with more free time that I expected. Without going to the gym, my evenings are open, giving me time to reach out to several women who were just friendly acquaintances, but I’d always wanted to get to know them more. Those evenings out with them were awesome!
  5. I have excellent health insurance. One trip to the ER, two visits to the orthopedist, three physical therapy appointments, and some prescriptions for painkillers and I’m not up to my ears in bills.
  6. I have not been able to pursue some fun booty calls. OK, this sucked in the moment, but it’s for probably the best. So weird, but several 20-somethings from my past suddenly had me on the brain – including Jason, the Incredible Sex.
    All I had to do was send a picture of my leg brace and away they went. Just as well, I think.
  7. I have a sweet ex mother-in-law. It’s been two years since I told my in-laws that I was divorcing their son. No matter. Since I fell, she has sent me two get well cards, called once, and emails to check in.
    As she wrote to me in an email, “Thank God for parents and friends. Even ex in-laws will help if needed. Don’t ever forget that.”

The Terminator brace.
(And, I can’t put this on the Why I’m Grateful list, but interestingly, since I have been on crutches I have met two cool guys in real life. I think seeing a woman on crutches brings out a man’s desire to be the knight in shining armor. And hey, I do need someone to open the door and help me with my coat and assist me with getting on to a bar stool, so it works out nicely! One guy is moving back to Ford in two weeks, and the other lives in western Pennsylvania. I’m not ready to share details yet, particularly on the Pennsylvania guy, so let’s just see what happen in the coming weeks.)

So, while I cannot wait to get this damn brace off my leg, at least it can remind me that this is just one moment in my life. Permanent damage has not been done. I will heal and bounce back, and I will have the love and support of my family and friends… just like when I got divorced.

What misfortune have you endured that made you more appreciative of your life?


  1. Awww...I'm sorry to hear about your accident! Hope you're feeling better. It's so great to have family and friends to be there with you when you need it most, especially when you're single. It's a good feeling that know that someone is looking out for you. Wishing you the best!

  2. I got to tell someone I was bionic just the other day...(I have a metal rod in my femur since the accident). Looks like your terminator brace might also put you in the same category. Glad you're embracing it. Feel better sweetie.

  3. Last December/winter was rough for me.
    In retrospect anything that happens this winter will be manageable.

  4. Speedy recovery to you. Appreciate that you could look beyond your pain and feel thankful. Not many can do that.

    Thank you for linking up at WUW!

    Hugs from party co-host,

  5. Thanks Natasha!

  6. Yikes, a metal rod!! At least my terminator brace is temporary!

  7. Shitty times sure can put things in perspective!

  8. I haven't really experienced any myself thank God, however reading posts like yours remind me to not take the little things for granted. Just being able to bend my knee, and sleep on my stomach (which I am such a stomach sleeper) should not be taken too lightly. Thanks for the reminder and I'm glad that you're learning from your experience and meeting hot guys in the process, awesome!

  9. Thanks for stopping by Brittany! As I start to bend my knee again (thank you, physical therapy!), I'm appreciative of every little improvement. :)