Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! My Visit with The Rabbit

Updated: See my first post on Geek and JockIs Masturbation Healthy? Taking Matters Into My Own Hands With Joy.

On this Easter Sunday, I thought it perfectly appropriate and inappropriate to share with you that, this week, I had my first visit with Honey Bunny [link is NSFW!], AKA The Rabbit.

Yes, friends, at 33 years young, I've finally invested in a proper vibrator! It just came in the mail this week and I'm excited!

Why Didn't I Get One of These Sooner?!

Maybe it has to do with recovering from a Catholic upbringing, but I've never been able to get myself off. It's a sad thing for any adult, but especially for someone who hasn't had sex in almost three years (and very little the four years before that). I bought a vibrator back when I was 20 on a drunk dare. I was so sloppy drunk that night that I forgot I bought it! You can imagine my shock in my dorm room the next morning when I saw the shopping bag and thought, "Oh, I wonder what's in there? I hope it's Gatorade and Advil." Anyway, it was a cheapo piece of crap, but I've held on to it ever since because it just seemed like the kind of thing a woman should have in her night table drawer. Every once in a rare while I'd pull it out and try to use it, but never with any real success.

You might be thinking, why on earth didn't I take matters into my own hands (pun intended) when Max wouldn't touch me? I really wish I could answer that. Maybe I felt like I would be insulting him. Maybe I thought I was jinxing things, like what if I'm able to give myself an orgasm then Max won't think he has to try anymore. Maybe I was just being judgemental of myself, like a real woman shouldn't HAVE to masturbate, she should get her significant other to do it. I don't know, but it doesn't matter anymore, because I now have The Rabbit!

I view this time in my life as my opportunity to wake up the parts of me that were silent or underdeveloped during my eight years with Max. Judging from my first encounter with The Rabbit, apparently I've been missing A LOT. I mean, I actually dreamed about The Rabbit last night. I'm serious!

Not that I want to turn my blog into a X rated site, but I'm curious about masturbation's place in your life, given that I'm brand new to this. Is it a regular part of your life? Does your significant other know that you do it? Does he or she mind? Or does it help bring you and your significant other closer in the bedroom?


  1. Hey there!
    Congrats on the new toy purchase! Now, a couple of things:
    1: My friend Dangerous Lilly also did an awesome post on sex toy care a while back and it breaks it down by toy material so you can check what your bunny is made out of (I'm guessing TPR...but that's just a guess) and know how to care for him properly to keep you both healthy :-)

    2. Um... I got divorced last year after 3 years of (sexless) marriage to someone I'd been with for 7 years and I just turned 34- are we maybe the same person?

    3. A year ago I owned 1 toy that I used (2 others we don't speak of) Now if you check out my site you'll see I just got back from a tour of North American sex shops and toys are a big thing with me. Love them!

    Welcome to the club!

    1. I will definitely check your friend's site. And that is so CRAZY about all the unfortunate similarities with our ex-husbands!! And how telling that we connected around the topic of masturbation. :)

  2. I love my toys! Like you - I bought a cheapo vibrator in college on a dare. I liked it & have always had a pretty easy time getting off by myself however, it wasn't until I started writing my blog (& reading other sex, dating & relationship blogs) that I got really got into toys. Now I own a bunch & review them on my blog.

    I was in a serious relationship when I started really getting into toys & I think it actually had a positive impact on our sex life - i.e. it was a lot of fun when we used the toys together :)

    For cleaning, I really like this stuff - - it's a bit more expensive than some but it's awesome. It's totally antibacterial & never leaves any irritating residue.

    Have fun with your rabbit!