Monday, February 18, 2013

My last night as a married woman

"Max," my husband, and I are in our condo, sitting side by side on the couch, watching "The Bachelor" and sharing a pizza. It feels like a normal night in the course of our eight-year relationship, except that there is a cloud hanging over us:

In 12 hours,
my husband of three years and I will go to court to dissolve our marriage.

The courthouse is in the town where we first met, shared our first date and kiss, moved in together, got engaged, and then planned a wedding. It's also in the town where we put countless hours and dollars into therapy as we desperately tried to fix some very serious problems in our relationship. And now it's the town where the state will officially and legally end our marriage and give me permission to take back my maiden name.

Starting tomorrow, I will share with you my journey as I pave a new path for myself, a path I will walk without Max.

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