Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Week of Men: A Disney Date, a Plea For Another Chance, and the End of Incredible Sex

You are not going to believe the past couple of days. In the wise words of The Weather Girls, it's been raining men.

Let’s go through the parade of guys day by day, shall we?

Friday, January 31 -- featuring a new guy, Aaron
After a fun non-date the previous week, I had my first real date with Aaron, another guy I met through OKCupid. We did drinks and dinner, then he walked me home and kissed me good night. SWEET.

Sunday, February 2 -- featuring Aaron
Aaron invited me over for the Superbowl. I popped by his house for just one quarter – too soon to hang around any longer. He kissed me goodbye and I got weak in the knees. Damn, we are definitely kissing compatible.

Monday, February 3 -- featuring Aaron and a horny 26-Year-Old
A snowstorm made me work from home. Aaron went into his office, conveniently just a few blocks from my apartment. At 11:30 a.m., he asked if I’d like to have lunch. Duh, of COURSE I would. (Side challenge – what to wear to a last minute lunch on a Monday when I’ve been working from home? I decided to change out of my brother’s middle school football sweatshirt from 1994 in favor of an oversized sweater and leggings.)

That night, who texts me a racy pic? The 26-Year-Old. Just when I think he’s gone, he’s not! You have to love that I don’t hear from him for weeks, then he just sends a pic without even a “hi” first. He looked hot though, so it was cool with me. He almost came over… in hindsight, I’m glad he didn’t.

Wednesday, February 5 -- featuring Aaron and Jason, Mr. Incredible Sex
Aaron and I hung out again. We got a bite to eat and just missed a showing of “Frozen,” so he came over to Watch A Movie. Just like when I was 16, this was code for Come Make Out On My Couch. When he left my apartment, I had one of those big stupid “I just smooched a cute boy” smiles. Yay!

Of course, while I was out with Aaron, Jason was texting me. UGH. I ignored him, which prompted my last blog entry that the Incredible Sex must stop, and I mean it this time!

Thursday, February 6 -- featuring John, who dumped me a few weeks ago
And then other times...
he actually is that into you.
I checked Facebook in the morning, and I had a friend request from John, the guy who discarded me almost three weeks ago. Huh? Interesting timing since I’d just recently cleaned out my contacts and deleted him. Totally baffled, I ignored the request.

When I got in to the office, I received a text from an unknown number asking if he can call me that night. Based on my powers of deduction, I knew it was John. I text back yes, he can call me. 

I went back to Facebook and discovered a message from him that he had sent along with the friend request the night before. The gist of this was this – he had acted rashly when he decided to stop seeing me and wanted to see if I would be open to seeing him again.

WHAT?! You guys, this is the crap girls always hope will happen and it NEVER does. I was definitely bummed when he gave me the boot, but when I didn’t hear from him within a few days, I figured our opportunity has passed so I licked my wounds and looked forward (meaning I went back to online dating).

So that night, I talked to John. It was nice to hear his voice again. He did indeed explain why he felt he’d made a mistake. Wow.

I told him I was surprised to hear all of this. I continued that I knew we had a good connection and I would like to see him again, but I was just starting to talk to another guy. To make sure I wasn’t being sketchy with anyone, could I get back to him over the weekend so I could just process all of this? 

He said of course, and that he would love the chance to take me out again, even for Valentine's Day if I'd like. But yes, take the time I need to think.


Saturday, February 8 -- featuring Aaron and Jason
Aaron and I had yet another date. If there were ever a date where a guy is setting things up to get lucky with me, it would’ve been this date. 

First, we saw “Frozen” (which was awesome). He held my hand throughout the movie and he actually liked the movie too. He started racking up the points. 

Then we went grocery shopping together to get stuff to make dinner at my apartment. This was a big challenge for him because I’m a vegetarian, but he was totally game. We headed back to my place. I opened a bottle of red wine and put on some Billy Joel. So there we were in my kitchen, and Aaron is chopping and measuring I was the one needing to step aside. Unbelievable! Guys never cook for me, and certainly not in my kitchen! (Well, unless you include the brownie fiasco.) I was LOVING it. In between the chopping and measuring was lots of making out. Our dinner of improvised eggplant parm, spaghetti squash, and baguette was lovely, followed the monkey bread he baked. 

So did Aaron get lucky? No. (You guys, someone give me a freaking medal for my self-restraint.) 

I told him I didn’t want to get ahead of ourselves, etc., so I didn't want rush into sex. He understood and agreed. With sex off the table [only temporarily, I hope], he still slept over and it was awesome. We hit that amazing combo of both sweet and hot. 

I’m cautiously optimistic, but it seems like there could be potential with Aaron. The conversation is good and we certainly seem to be sexually compatible. And he’s definitely not “too square” for me. 

And, of course, there was a text from Jason. Bah! Go away! I’m trying to focus on the ones that actually have boyfriend potential!

Sunday, February 9 -- featuring Aaron, John, and Jason (really?!)
I'm not exactly Marilyn, but let's just go with the visual.
After kissing Aaron goodbye, I made my to do list for the day. 
1. Practice yoga.
2. Buy groceries.
3. Tell John thanks but no thanks.
4. Tell Jason we cannot be fuck buddies anymore.

With the first two items done, I geared up to call John. Clearly things seem to be going well with Aaron, but even if I weren’t seeing anyone, I couldn’t give John another shot. Regardless of the back story, I know myself and I wouldn’t be able to get past the fact that John already had a list of my faults or whatever lined up in his head. Also, in the weeks that have gone by, I’ve reflected and I think John might be a little too much like Max – a good guy, but a little “too square” (John's exact words) for me. I truly applaud John’s guts for trying though, and I told him so. The conversation took three minutes, but he was gracious and mature. He totally understood and wished me all the best. What a nice guy. Too bad he wasn’t the right match for me.

Jason texted me to see if he could come over, which didn’t surprise me; history has shown that when he can sense me disappearing, he gets much more clingy. First I tried saying I needed space, which he mocked. He was all, we’re just fuck buddies, why would we need space? I wanted to say, BECAUSE YOU’RE TEXTING ME EVERYDAY AND YOU KEEP ASKING ME OUT!!!! But I didn’t. I attempted the high road. I wrote back, “OK I’ll put it this way. I’m not comfortable with the fuck buddy thing anymore.” I’ll spare you the details, but he was a condescending little shit.

Note the stark contrast between John and Jason: John was an adult about getting turned down, and Jason was an immature brat. All Jason did was confirm that I’m done with him and his shit, and yes, that means Incredible Sex.

So, this is my several days of boy craziness. Classic case of when it rains, it pours! I made all good choices the past few days, so I’m proud of myself. Stay tuned for what happens with Aaron. I am so curious to find out!

Why is the old cliche true that when it rains, it pours? Have you had this happen?
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  1. Love reading along with your adventures! Hitting the dating scene myself recently and can totally relate to the craziness! I'm excited for the next update.

  2. Thanks Rachel! I wish you lots of luck and FUN in your dating adventures. :)

  3. Cellulite Looks Better TanFebruary 10, 2014 at 5:01 PM

    Wowza!!! It sounds both exciting and exhausting. I've been married for a billion years, but if my husband ever leaves me, I hope my phone is as busy as yours. Aaron sounds like a good combination of sweet and sexy. Kind of like wine and chocolate.

  4. Oh believe me, this was NOT a normal week in my life. But of course it just all freaking happened at once! Good times though... ;)
    And by the way, I hope you and your husband are happily married for a billion more years.

  5. Love your stories and can't wait to hear what happens next!!!

  6. I'm so glad things are heating up in a good way. Great control and insight in a number of difficult situations. I can't wait to hear more!

  7. Holy crap, girl! It's monsooning men. It really does seem to go this way though... a long period of drought gives way to a dizzying time of trying to keep each of them from seeing the texts popping up on your phone. I have NEVER been good at that sort of navigation. Sounds kinda fun for you though ;)

  8. Crazy shit, right? My phone was blowing up. And YES, i was so nervous of Aaron seeing one of Jason's stupid texts!! I think so far, I'm in the clear.

  9. Dang girl, you popular. Kind of wish I had that!

  10. Haha well we can thank OKCupid -- that's where 3 of these 4 guys came from!

  11. I have had this happen to me (sudden surge in guys texting me for plans) and it would always happen when I was already very busy and didn't have the spare time to go out or was sick. I hated juggling dates with multiple guys because where I live is not THAT large of an area so there was a chance we'd run into other guys I had dated. In fact, when I first started going out with BF we went to a place where a guy I had gone out with a few times (and who I had decided wasn't a match for me - and I had told the guy this) was hanging out. I was honest with BF and explained the awkward situation and he was totally fine with leaving since it made me uncomfortable.
    It sounds like Aaron might be one to keep around for a while :) Hope that continues to go well.

  12. Luckily the area where I live is big enough that I should be OK, plus Jason and John live in a different town from Aaron and me.
    I have plans with Aaron for Friday...

  13. I think you made good choices here! I like the sound of Aaron....a man that knows his way around a kitchen is hot! Jason (incredible sex or not) was starting to get on my nerves and I only read about him! Too bad about John but I think if you had gone back, he would have done it again. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  14. Thanks Sandy! We hung out over the weekend and it went well.
    I just got a sappy text from Jason. It's a little heartless but I didn't even respond.